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KEYA Service

Keya controller after-sales service commitment

One, the company reputation commitment

All products provided by our company are keya brand, qualified products produced exclusively for our company.

My company's main business is independent development, independent production, independent sales of controllers and related equipment.

Our company has the absolute development strength, to ensure the development of products with market leading level.

Our company has a quality inspection department directly led by the general manager to ensure the reliability of products.

Our company has a special after-sales service department, six professional after-sales service engineers to serve customers at any time, to ensure the rapid and efficient after-sales service channels.

Ii. Pre-sales service commitment

1. Provide professional consultation. We can send professional technical personnel to your company to conduct product exchange and communication on the spot and come up with the best plan.

2. Provide detailed information. We guarantee to provide customers with detailed and authentic product information

3. Provide sample requirements. We can provide matching samples of products before the formal signing of the contract to ensure that the products meet the requirements of your company.

Iii. Service commitment for sale

1. We ensure that the contract text is legal/nationally consistent.

2. We undertake to fulfill all our commitments and terms and conditions in full accordance with the requirements as used in the contract.

3. We can provide free training, installation, debugging and other services for your company.

Iv. Quality assurance and after-sales service

1. Quality assurance: we guarantee that the goods provided for your company fully meet the technical requirements of the industry and are made of raw materials with good performance within the validity period. The goods have been strictly inspected before leaving the factory, and the packing is in good condition, which can avoid defective parts caused by general handling.

2. After the product status is confirmed by both parties, you are not allowed to change the product status after mass production. If you want to change the product status during the process, you must use up the previous products, or both parties agree through consultation.

3. Warranty period: our company promises to replace the controller unconditionally within 15 months after normal damage. The warranty period is calculated from the date of production. If there is any quality problem during the warranty period, our company is responsible for free maintenance and replacement.

4. Our company has professional after-sales engineers for after-sales service, and we guarantee that it will arrive within 8 hours within 500km, within 12 hours within 500-1000km, and within 24 hours within 1000km, all over the country

5. Every month, we have after-sales engineers to make a return visit and clean up the returned goods of your company.

6. After-sales support: our company provides 24-hour after-sales service to your company. Our after-sales customer service phone number is 0516-81118080.

7. Principle of customer commitment: our company aims to satisfy customers. In the relationship with customers, regardless of the internal structure, coa always works together as a whole. Whether directly or indirectly, all functions of the company serve the goal of customer satisfaction, and every employee has the obligation to improve customer satisfaction. The company fully supports its employees in achieving this goal. We will speed up the process, speed up the time to enter the market and customer satisfaction will be the main determinant of all decisions of the company. Key account plans must be completed regularly and results of customer satisfaction surveys will be distributed throughout the company. Adherence to these principles is an important factor in employee training and responsibility assessment.

8, customer first principle: customer first is to understand, predict, meet the needs of existing and potential customers, in order to meet or exceed their expectations and customer satisfaction.

9. Code of conduct: conduct market research to predict and understand customer needs, design and produce according to customer requirements, make customer-oriented decisions, visit customers frequently to understand their needs, problems and opinions, respond to customer complaints in a timely manner, and take timely and effective actions.